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“Tears of Nations” — A Poem by Oluwaleye Adedoyin

Day after day,
The weakness of the soul overshadows the strength within,
The pain of death, a terror of every minute.
Early in the morning, fathers switching on the radio
To hear the latest
With fright, fear and cold hands,
The troubled face can’t be explained.
Truly, man proposes, God disposes.
Are we punished because of our sinful nature?
Are these signs of the end time?
Many people wondered.
But there is no one to answer.
Alas! Everybody is caught behind the bar of the same thought.
A president that governs without an election.
FEAR governs the nation together with his deputy, PHOBIA
Both make great partners.
Before the silence snatched the atmosphere,
FRIGHT took over
With a close friend, ANXIETY.
Boom! The world is thrown into a ‘Would never end’ boundage.
A plague, the world is disturbed;
Just a virus, places of worship are shut down
Social gathering has become a crime;
An epidemic, the world of livelines turned to a world of loneliness
Solitude become our costume;
Just this calamity, the freedom of movement is canceled from the constitution,
A single pandemic and the darkness of isolation fill the world.
What tale shall we tell the coming generation?
Who will listen to the tale of dying mortals?
Corona, you’ve become a god everybody worships,
You’re a pain to the nation.
Though some see it as an error in advanced technology.
You’ve turned many homes desolate.
Children have become orphans,
Women have turned widows,
Men into widowers just because of you. Who art thou?
A global threat which has ravaged the economy
And life in general.
Isolation is now a means of livelihood without a wage or salary
A menace that has rendered people in power powerless.
Servants of God suddenly become silent
Looking up to the medical practitioners
Enjoying the outside breeze is now a taboo
We longed for places for tourism
But only in our imagination do they exist.
Inside views are now our tourist attraction,
We take delight in indoor life
And inner wears suddenly become the latest fashion.
Football matches all gone
That throws our men in solitude
Oh, Brazil, Argentina! You shouldn’t have been affected
We love to play in the winter snow
Outside our home
Who dares to go outside?
Gone are those days when staying outside was life
Tanzania and Morocco only exist in our dreams
Countries tailor-made for a beach
Vacation for lazy days in the sun
Who dares to visit Croatia?
The witnesses of dawn break over the ancient temples
Ancient sites of pleasure
Where travelers can meander through temples
Colorful temples that will awe as much as inspire
The fear of traveling to Cambodia is built within
The joy of making new friends
Oh, Ireland!
Land of the friendliest people,
Voyage to Tanzania brings all joy
Teeming sources of natural wonder and experiences
Roaming wild beasts, elegant wild beasts
Filled with rare creatures
And beautiful works of nature
There you’ll find the real lion king
But the joy is wiped out
Dear virus, you’re truly a threat!
We need the old days once again.

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