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The Right Time To Fall In Love

They say that a pandemic is not the right time to fall in love.

But there’s truly never a right time to do something as serious as giving your heart to someone else and trust them to keep it safe.

Take my grandparents for example.

They met in a war.

My grandfather was on the frontline shooting people and getting shot while my grandmother was on the frontline nursing people who shoot others and get shot back to health.

It took a bullet hitting my grandfather in his chest and missing his heart by an inch to convince him to give his heart to someone else for safekeeping.

I know you are scared of holding my handing when the world is avoiding body contact.

I know you’d rather have your heart #StayAtHome than risk venturing into my hands.

I know that your quivering lips say #SocialDistancing but your eyes says a lot too.

I know that love has been equated to a ‘shout into the void’ but it’s your void that my shout was made for.

My soul has yearned to dance with yours from the dawn of time


From the inception of the big bang,

From the first time the world heard the Lord whisper the words “Let there be light” my heart has crawled through space and time seeking to beat in tandem with yours.

A pandemic wouldn’t stop us, a world war wouldn’t break us, a zombie outbreak has nothing on us for we have spent eternity getting ready for this.

I love you and I trust you to have a sweet dream filled night.


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