The Testimony of Jesus

The testimony is the Word
The word that was with God
The word through which every creature has their being
The word that once thundered from Mount Sinai and deafened their ears, like a heavy slap
This same word now lives in our hearts, humble, tender and kind
The testimony of the word is that of ‘Love’
That in the fullness of time, in a quest to bridge the chasm between man and his creator
The word that was once with God took flesh and came to dwell amongst us
Traveling through Judea and Samaria like a launched missile, kindling the fire of His Love
The word like a two-edged sword, cutting through every veil and stone shrouding our hearts to give us hearts of love alone
The testimony of the word is that of ‘Forgiveness’
The word that belts out like a song, looking to lure back home the lost sheep of the house of Israel with its tune
“Your sin I have forgiven you’ are the lyrics of this song
With the tune of this song so subtle like the one which dispels the heart of Saul
Gentle tunes that heal the body, while healing the soul as the story of the
Paralytic at Capernaum amongst others portray
The testimony of the word is that of ‘Compassion and Sacrifice’
Starring through the crowd of thousands
Feeling our emptiness and fears to feed us
Giving His life as a ransom for many
We all who now sojourn are bound to be
witnesses to this testimony in both action and words.

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