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Unfulfilled Promises

I had constant battle with my emotions
But love always won
Love had dealt me different blows
And I was trying to let go

He came into the picture with all the warmth
That made me feel I could rely on him
He gave me all the comfort
That made me feel I was at my bus stop

When our eyes meet, my heart beat increases
When he moved closer, I can’t help but think
Such were the feelings he left me with
And I was a fool to have cherished it

He worked his way into my heart
Only to discover he would not be a part of it
He made me build those feelings
Only to discover his were not real

He tricked me into loving him
Only to shatter me
He made me give confessions
Only to derive pleasure

At first he treated me like a queen
I never knew all the care and pampering was to enable me not to leave
And when he had done the deed
He thrashed me like shit

I was aching in my heart
And he felt less concerned
I was a mess and a pity to behold
He had no regrets and felt no remorse

I just have few words for him
Truly his love made me weak
But he was going to be delayed
With his unfulfilled promises

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