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Prison of Thoughts

Unending flows of thoughts,
She hugged her heart so tight,
It was a day mare the opposite of mares of night,
Her face pallid and full of sadness,
She had contracted a disease—
She woke up lifeless life, it’s like she was in a time loop,
Tears and fears,
She had cried till her fountain of tears ran dry,
You helplessly looked to the sky for help,
Countless tears amidst countless prayers, life was nothing but a challenge, it suddenly vanished and left her standing empty handed,
She now remains a poet,

The thought of picking her pen scares the hell out of her, the prospect of bleeding through her words enfolds her soul, letting go or write,

She is locked in a prison of fear with bars made of hopelessness,
She has three meals of shame a day with despair for desert,
The more she took, the less of love she had…

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