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You Think?

You think you understand love?
Love is that feeling of loneliness
Which you felt when you lose a friend
In the midst of thousands of sounds of flying bullets.

You think you know pain?
Pain is what you gain
When you leave your gain
For your nation’s gain
Only to be immersed in a drain
In the downpour of bullets’ rain
Hitting right into your vein.

You think you understand fight?
Fighting is the combat you have within yourself
When you’re faced with a man
Combating within himself to combat you
And not wanting to lose the combat
Not because of yourself but for your country’s prestige.

You think you understand sacrifice?
Sacrifice is facing scary vices
With your saliva turning thick
And your sweat turning to blood
Just as Jesus’ did
Not for you to live
But for your allies to leave and live
So you let yourself lease.

Just so you know,
What you think you know,
Ain’t what you know.

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