Everywhere Injustice

Injustice in the land
Injustice in the sea
Injustice in the air
Injustice, why do you leave your place
And come to the church?
Why do you deceive our leaders,,
our church leaders, those preachers of justice
Who wear injustice as a garment

Oh poor ones
Here comes your consoler
the virtuous stop crying
The seekers of justice be consoled
Churches we hope to be consoled Turned to the grocery of frustration
Our pastors of justice turned to be injustice
Because of money and self-esteem
Oh heaven, where is our consolation?

The poor ran out to seek justice
Where justice had to abide
Sorrows, frustration and discouragement
they got and cried
what can the followers do
Who try to be just?

Injustice, why eat up the God’s people
And make yourself master of them all?
You travel down to the east
Just to displace the people
That have suffered all these years
You seek to be the head
while you are the last
Oh, remember the God of justice

White lady of injustice
Thinking that God knows not your injustice
Covered yourself with pastors of injustice
Destroying people’s vocation and future
Rejoicing on the people’s toil
While God’s wrath awaits you.

Injustice in the world
Injustice inside the church
Injustice resting on our pastors shoulder
Injustice they eat, drink and defecate

Our pastors teach us to be just
While they are pregnant with injustice
They parole to be just
While their attitude frustrates the just
Oh just ones, seek the God of justice.

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