Before Your Altar

Memories flood my mind at your altar.
My head down and knees bent,
I say my prayers to thee:
Father, you are worthy to be praised,
And forever shall my heart worship thee.

You are the reason my lips dance
To melodies of worship.
My hips jingles to the joyful
Song of magnificent you are.

My heart flows like the river;
The day, a replica of my adoration
For my services are incomparable
To their manifold acts.
Lord, accept my heartfelt praise;
I am nothing without your love.

You are the reason my eyes weep
With tears of appreciation.
My words are eulogies
Of your creation not recreated.

Upon your altar the heavens open,
Shower on me the glow of honor.
Who am I to dress virtuous?
You are the reason why I walk away
With a bounce to my steps.

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