Mr President

I sit on this desk with my pen and paper
Sipping through currents of thoughts
My mind like a conjugating spirogyra wanting to receive from an apex donor ‘Mr President’
My mind creating the bond
My pen and paper the witty recipients
And the scribblings on my paper like offspring, the products directly from the bonding of my mind, and that of Mr President

Mr President’s mind speaks like those invisible witches speaking to Macbeth
It says I know power resides with the people
In fact, I know that in this three tier form of government, it’s meant to be authority not power
But for me it’s ‘undiluted power’
I know I might be so frail to fully execute this power, but I will seize it anyway and bestow it on the person I will
And as for where power truly resides, it’s here with me, don’t ask me how

I know there is widespread poverty
people are dying like withering leaves from starvation
The economy is in shambles, and the oil price is diminishing
But I have an exhorbitant security vote
I spend more time in UK than I think about my people—’Don’t ask me why’

I know the roads are bad and disjointed,
People spending the entire day in long traffic queues
Dying like fowls on our patchy roads
I know these roads do not support transport of goods and services
I know it inhibits foreign investments
But I am always airborne, and I have a battalion to ward off any traffic—’Don’t ask me why’

I know the health system is in shambles
The public hospitals are devoid of necessary facilities
I know doctors are not properly renumerated
I know we don’t have sufficient Primary health care services
But I have my routine check ups abroad—’Don’t ask me why’

I know there are no walls around Jordan
I know our lives and properties are at risk
I know people are being slaughtered in their numbers everyday
I know there is terrorism.
But I am the Commander of the Armed forces
The wall of Jericho resides in my stead—’Don’t ask me why’.

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