July 4, 2020 Imelda Ntinyari 0

Our leaders have taken us scales, Indeed great heights, Was it not yesterday, That by their combined efforts, Our beautiful country Ranked top three Of the most corrupt countries in [Read more… ]

The Shocker

Hundreds killed in Borno, “I’m shocked” The insecurity in the north is escalating, “I’m shocked” Farmers-herdsmen clashes still on point, “I’m shocked” Millions unemployed, “I’m shocked” The south is still [Read more… ]


June 7, 2020 Stephen Bernard 0

A score and one years ago, The military juntas seized After about three decades of Autocracy Democracy was said to be This demo could never be this crazy yet5 it [Read more… ]

The Pact

May 2, 2020 Chioma Favour 0

They came on their knees begging The swore to liberate us from poverty The promised us change But now, we are in chains I remember that man in the news [Read more… ]


April 30, 2020 Emmanuella John 0

It has turned to a normal culture People no longer see it as a passion But rather, they see it as a necessity Prejudice has been the order Comparison of [Read more… ]