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Tales of a Once Raped Dream

It was a dark moon night,
I heard a spatted sound of footsteps behind me,
Frightfully, I muttered like a hungry thunder waiting for rain.
My heart beat hastily like a heart of a running cheetah.
I walked slowly along the muderous bush like a snail.
Unknowingly, I experienced the severe phase of my womanhood.

He said I was a tempting nymph of darkness.
That I was on short skirt and I got him seduced,
And always get his dangling modifier swell and stagnant.
He said I was always on a long hijab,
And have been covered what he is craving for.
He said I would love it more than he do.

Well, it all happened on a awful day.
Within few minutes he withered my watered rose,
He plugged my long-kept flower and made me prideless.
For five minutes he enjoyed like a mating crow,
But for years it’s a sanity I can’t endure.
Now my soft heart is now a clay under the sun.

The ball socket of my roll in the shadow of his sight,
I felt his tight hand viciously over my mouth,
That moment the word silence became a sound.
Fiercely, he yanked off my cloth like a paper,
An gripped my waist ferociously like a hound dolphin,
He told me to keep shut and tied my hand up tight.

He injected me with his filthy prong.
He pushed and thrust harder and harder.
And I felt the throbbing pain of a knife.
He felt heaven whilst I felt hell.
He poured his slippery assemblage sin of dirt in me.
All I feel now is boiling blood running through my veins.

I need a wiper that can stop the flowing tears of eternity.
I need a stiches to the widely open door of pains.
I need a drug to cure the stabbing pain of disgrace.
I need a dress to cover the naked secret of a legged out.
I need someone that will take back my pride from him.
And dive me in a deep sea of love that will fade the memories.

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