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The Torn Letter

Dear husband to be,
I demand some attention,
This letter holds deep confessions,
And though this comes at our wedding eve…
I’m sorry, when you are Adam I cannot be your Eve,
For our Garden of Eden,
Has turned to be a lion’s den.

Dear Love,
In the court of jurisdiction,
I demand some hearing,
And the pen is my only witness,
The pregnancy test stands as the Complainant,
I’m just standing as an affidavit,
My tears too fragile to be my lawyer,
Some innocent soul within me is enough evidence,
How I hope you will make a good judge,
To follow the Will of Love’s Constitution.

On that stormy night,
When I woke up to my dreams,
And we travelled up country,
So that your parents would know about their new daughter,
Yes, on that dark night,
Someone laid me down
This time not on our favourite sofa,
This time at the nappier behind the house.
And the strokes were hard,
The moans were of pain,
Behind the big wooden house,
Lay a layer of my innocence..

Oh my darling,
I thought this was to be kept secret,
A good daughter-in-law keeps things to herself,
Especially if they are issues concerning her father-in-law,
Lest he would not advocate for our wedding…
So I had to lose dignity behind that house,
A sacrifice for the man I love most.

Oh my love,
Or should I call you my step son?
For the soul that is in me,
Can only be your younger sibling.
And I hope you understand
I cannot be your wife any more,
This is the torn letter to tear our wedding,
The torn letter to tear us apart,
The torn letter that tears our future together,
And don’t be mad at me darling,
It’s disrespectful to your step mother

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