Locked In

Lying in a milk-colored couch in a sunny afternoon
My pendulous mind was drawn to my siblings playing the game of scrabble
As the game is a game of numbers, both of them pushed to hit the moon
The tension was palpable, and I could feel the structures of the brain juggle

My attention was drawn to my sister who was aiming for the triple point
My searching eyes also found there were double points, and letters to be capitalized upon
I felt her mind rumbling like an upset gut
Many times she hit jackpot, and it was a bang, but many other times she missed turns

Soon my volatile mind began to personify this two-sided chain that held her captive
On one end it was like a stake driving and guiding the growth of its victim
But on the other end it was a bait leading its victim to the slaughter
The chain can be nicknamed obsessive-compulsion

As a stake, this chain drives its victim
Like a catalyst it speeds up every decision of its victim as there is only one course
This chain drives its victim like a Sunflower follows every movement of the sun to the brightest light
It disgusts the chameleon as it is either black or white, so is its victim

On the bait’s end, it has led its victim into a cat-and-mouse relationship
Where the mouse keeps visiting the cat’s tent in search of safety instead of flight
Like a fisherman’s bait it has caused its victim’s demise
It drives its victim relentlessly to the slaughter, like the hand heading for an itchy scrotum

This uncharacteristic chain locks its victim in
And clasps its victim with both ends
But its victim clamors for a liberatory split
As a locked in soul is a chaotic soul and needs to occasionally snap outl

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