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My Genetic Make-up Artist

If I could write a story about you;
It will be longest and a sterling silver in history.
If I could sing a song about you;
It will be an evergreen with melodic lyrics and chords.
If I could draw an art about you;
It will be the deepest in history with resonation.

But, still all can’t describe the golden you;
Of the greatest pillar that I have leant on,
Worth more than a priceless medal of gold.
The incomparable one I rose from,
With small head of a big crown.
And the memories of you that never fades.

Memories of your arm guiding me from harm,
Of your violent tones scaring away my fears,
Of your happy face when income is high,
Of your worried face when you couldn’t produce our daily bread,
Memories of your happy face when you’re proud of me.
All of this I just can’t skip through.

Although we’ve grown apart,
But still you are always written in my heart.
This is for you, my incompable lover,
My best friend ever,
Sire of all I have desire,
To my genetic make-up artist.

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