Love Poems

  • Photo of For You

    For You

    I won’t cry for you I won’t go snooping around your trail sniffing out girls’ footprints My heart won’t crash for you When you become the virus that corrupts my…

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  • Photo of Heart Twinge

    Heart Twinge

    One very boring night I tuned out, to sleep; I was very apt, still, I was perusing people’s post on a social media, drowsily though. Would I say I’ve not…

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  • Photo of RelationSHIP


    I’m stuck in this love triangle, The third wheel in a love boat. I was never his end, But the means to his end. I left a sinking ship, Hoping…

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  • Photo of Favorite Spot

    Favorite Spot

    Sweet trouble! how I want you double to make me bubble like a diamond among pebbles. I will take the day off just to taste your sweet jollof. And eat…

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  • Photo of Olólùfé (to Tayelolu Rachael)

    Olólùfé (to Tayelolu Rachael)

    Ot’ojo meta (It’s been eons since I wrote to you). How was the journey to the forest where you found no one to soothe and suit your heart? Or, did…

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  • Photo of That Feeling Called Love

    That Feeling Called Love

    That feeling called love So bright yet an umbra to the heart Sets in for joy yet it mourns Draining every bit of life, Just to see the feeling alive…

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  • Photo of Cake for Lovers

    Cake for Lovers

    Round is the shape of our love Mixed with strawberry for our love To stay not to be weeder like feeble love Which lacks the york of love Round the…

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  • Photo of Love is Wicked

    Love is Wicked

    We had started as friends He was always there to listen My tale of woes intrigued him My voice kept him coming He said I was the one Was I…

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  • Photo of You Left

    You Left

    You said you loved me, you said you’d never let me go I was the one, every chance you got you let me know You were a dream that I…

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  • Photo of Àdúké: A Memoir

    Àdúké: A Memoir

    A love memoir, meme or flashback Flashes back the ‘yes’ days of yesterday — ‘Nine months ago’ was like yesterday — Àdùké, this toddler is the tail That tells the…

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  • Photo of Secret Hearts

    Secret Hearts

    With eagle eyes he gazed upon me. Affectionate look, with elevation angle of love. His heart was drawn to me like a magnet to a rare metal. So sad when…

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  • Photo of Shooting Stars Don’t Weep

    Shooting Stars Don’t Weep

    From a distance I heard your call of distress Through my windowpane I saw a shooting star But shooting stars don’t weep Oh! Beauty has been dented tonight My fallen…

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  • Photo of To the Aremu of My Youth

    To the Aremu of My Youth

    Ife mi, I write again for the umpteenth time, from this place of brokenness which you have made my permanent abode. Today, I wore my black tank top and short…

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  • Photo of When Did Our Love Become a Ghost?

    When Did Our Love Become a Ghost?

    Loneliness has become my daunting host. It’s laughing and exposing crooked teeth Now I’m seething. It warned me against you, To cherish my own company and share it with no…

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  • Photo of Love


    Love like a crimson field of littered corpses of rivals Angels avenging affection with jealously observant eyes As like Capulet and Montague Men growing careless of their charge Cry and…

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  • Photo of This is Love

    This is Love

    At a time like this I seek to find Even if it’s only a fickle Of love somewhere in the meadow I dream to last in the magic That has…

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  • Photo of In the Wake

    In the Wake

    I lost the act of living that very day you walked away you walked out my world and left it in crumble You left me gathering the pieces of the…

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  • Photo of Lettered Petals

    Lettered Petals

    Thinking about the way you kissed, And The way your laughter gave me chills, There’s so much I really miss about you. Holding your vase, I can only feel your…

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