Love Poems

  • Photo of Warmth


    Hey, It’s winter, Through the cold nights Existing in my world of impossibilities, I lived as though it was my home, And you as my flatmate. We had a well…

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  • Photo of Explicit


    The touch of your hands around my waist sent spark of arousal and desire, My whole nerves bowed down to you as the touch persisted, Making me your slave for…

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  • Photo of Dirty Mind

    Dirty Mind

    That very night, He didn’t realize she had dimples Perhaps cause there was no light And she never knew he had nipples Somehow everything seem so right While she sat…

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  • Photo of Àdédoyin, Let’s Fall In Love Again

    Àdédoyin, Let’s Fall In Love Again

    Àdédoyin, Oyin Adé, Aláwo dúdú—_ Omo iy’oni garri… I know. I broke your heart, And it affected our art… Àdédoyin, let’s fall in love again. I am no longer the…

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  • Photo of Day 01—Mr. Baby

    Day 01—Mr. Baby

    Mr. Baby, Umm… Hello. Hi. Mouths dry; suddenly I’ve become the proverbial bride blushing before her groom The butterflies you awaken in my insides are enough to shake me up…

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  • Photo of Love Me Till Your Last Breath

    Love Me Till Your Last Breath

    My heart carries a ladder Of a broken mind My heart bleeds in depress I clip for your empty promise Where your eyes spoke passion And your words songs to…

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  • Photo of Rough


    I like it rough, I whisper into his ears. Sending me in a state of euphoria, As he plunges deeper and deeper Bringing me to my end. His hands suddenly…

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  • Photo of Without You

    Without You

    Your beauty’s dazzling It always makes me sizzle Like I’m being boiled in some kinda kettle Thoughts of you keep me outside even when it’s drizzling, There’s this aura with…

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  • Photo of Confession


    Calm as the blue sea, Sparkling like the full moon in the Sky, Gentle as the dove, Your beauty amazed all men Muscles tainted and torso tempting me, Hair so…

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  • Photo of Lost Love

    Lost Love

    Let it be known that I loved you Your rugged self wasn’t an excuse not to hold the hands that held cigarettes, even when my friends saw it unfair to…

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  • Photo of Loverboy


    When we talk, I feel a rush You smile the earth takes a pause Gazing at your pictures I wonder what’s in store for us, When you smile, my heart…

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  • Photo of Skeroo Wey Mek Sense

    Skeroo Wey Mek Sense

    Skeroo wey mek sense wey dey giv me nyafu-nyafu joy Wetin I wan do without you inside dis life wey dey vex pesin. Na you be dey juju wey fit…

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  • Photo of Milk and Chocolate Candy

    Milk and Chocolate Candy

    I heard you breathe so soft and slowly, Just like you breathed your last Whenever we melt together Like a candy milk on a sunny afternoon, Let me be the…

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  • Photo of Oh! Daughter of Africa

    Oh! Daughter of Africa

    The perfect epitome of beauty The descendant of the black soil Making the Africa nature proud For her product is you Oh! Daughter of Africa Your eyeballs Speak of the…

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  • Photo of Let’s Get Lost Àdùnní

    Let’s Get Lost Àdùnní

    Àdùnní; Let’s get lost together— Amidst the jungles of romance, Let the seekers search and never find us, Let’s climb up to the mountain top— Close to the blue carpet…

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  • Photo of Oh! Dear One

    Oh! Dear One

    How I loved dancing to your tune of passionate lovemaking. How I desired to flow in your endless groans. Tears well up in my eyes any time I recall the…

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  • Photo of Midnight Plays

    Midnight Plays

    A stroll I tooketh whilst little luna gloweth true Merry singing stars with the sky burning blue A queer little song on my lips calling whom? Appeareth doth solis begging…

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  • Photo of Dear Lover

    Dear Lover

    Let’s play under the moonlight Pretending to run away from each other Like there is a disease that plagues one Expecting the other Let’s play a game Say my name…

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  • Photo of Let’s Dance

    Let’s Dance

    Let’s dance on the seashore with the fishes cheering and waves waving As we dive into love’s red sea With no pharoahs behind us Nothing but our garments watching from…

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  • Photo of Moved On

    Moved On

    When my name shall be missing from your ‘frequently contacted’ When you shall search for familiar routes my fingers trod on your body, in vain. When memories of us must…

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