Love Poems

  • Photo of Awaiting Dreams

    Awaiting Dreams

    The night we met, The night my heart skipped, The night my breathe seized, The night I longed for wishes, The night I saw a beauty; I ain’t Solomon, I…

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  • Photo of She Rescued Me

    She Rescued Me

    Everyday I lay wasted in my pile of ruins. I couldn’t forgive myself for my countless ills. My soul became a dark hole engulfing beauty in part and whole. Wrecking…

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  • Photo of Ije Love

    Ije Love

    It’s with a broken heart that I write about us Sitting under our favourite ukwu ụdara thinking about us The same ukwu ụdara that we carved our names on Saying…

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  • Photo of Unfulfilled Promises

    Unfulfilled Promises

    I had constant battle with my emotions But love always won Love had dealt me different blows And I was trying to let go He came into the picture with…

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  • Photo of Mother’s Pain

    Mother’s Pain

    I call her a smaller god Or better still a semi–god She never hesitates to get burnt In order to enable her little eagles soar Beneath all the smiles shared…

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  • Photo of Nakupenda Kay

    Nakupenda Kay

    Now … it’s time for me to confess My love life was nothing but a mess But you looked past all the distress And took the stress of making my…

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  • Photo of Fall


    Irokos fall Fools stumble Like a waterfall With a short-lived bubble Before a child can stand tall He must fall With tiny knees ready to crawl Till the get sore…

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  • Photo of What About Love?

    What About Love?

    A magnetic force never heard of Both body and souls are drawn Its uniqueness can never be questioned And I wonder can it be ignored? Love is the master of…

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  • Photo of The New Paradise

    The New Paradise

    Like a shell on the beach My love will kneel before your shrine, The sun shines more than gold, Your tantalizing voice is tuned in acapella. Others may hear your…

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  • Photo of The Godfather

    The Godfather

    A man in his prime An embodiment of light A great man with heights Behold! He who surpasses I call him a man of integrity With a difference in abilities…

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  • Photo of Even After Now

    Even After Now

    Hold my hands tell me what you feel; the pulse of love or the warmth of lust. Maybe I’m mistaken, to think you’re my maiden. Maybe I’m lust driven, to…

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  • Photo of Daze


    Here I stand, Not shattered, Not beaten, But numb. Numb because the pain doesn’t hurt anymore like it should. The pain and misery all turned numb. Yet here I am,…

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  • Photo of Fatherly Father

    Fatherly Father

    Heaven saw my pain, And dropped me right in front of his gate. Heaven knew I’d crave For a great man with such grace He knoweth all that comes from…

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  • Photo of Doom of Fate

    Doom of Fate

    You should have asked That way, you shouldn’t have acted You should have made it crystal clear That you won’t always stay near You shouldn’t have left me in darkness…

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  • Photo of My Genetic Make-up Artist

    My Genetic Make-up Artist

    If I could write a story about you; It will be longest and a sterling silver in history. If I could sing a song about you; It will be an…

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  • Photo of Godfather


    A soul winner and a path finder A rare gift bequeathed, offered for, and committed to a course, He leads, we follow. An ensign of strength weaker that his Love’s…

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  • Photo of Your Hand in Mine, Love of My Life

    Your Hand in Mine, Love of My Life

    Your hand in mine, love of my life. My love course prep degree and now my wife to be Dip your robe in myrrh Let it drip with oil to…

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  • Photo of Disenamour Dearie

    Disenamour Dearie

    In my lonely bed, My eyes shut just to feature you in my head I could remember, I could recall That, I cease to forget. The night you walked in…

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  • Photo of Not All Byes Are Good

    Not All Byes Are Good

    You should’ve passed by When I asked how you were doing But you replied, “Good.” And I asked what name you go by “Hannah,” you said. You became my undoing…

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  • Photo of The Shape of You

    The Shape of You

    My evestrum has always showed me you Long over time predestined to be with you Out of happiness my teeth I flashed Felt like Adam at my first glance at…

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