If Nigeria Was A Book

If Nigeria was a book
The mind would be corrupted
Heart polluted
Its intensity will suffocate
And sages will trend the wrong path

If Nigeria was a book
Its influence would trend like plague
Restlessness would engulf with grace
Nerds will go off balance
And we might wonder, who attacked?

If Nigeria was a book
Its pages would wreak havoc on souls
Intellects would be forced to slay
The helpless would learn to race
Pandemonium would attract its fame

If Nigeria was a book
Lies would gain independence
Fake would be the new trend
Who buys all those stories?
Of concortioned mixtures given

If Nigeria was a book
We might not have to search the hood
The culprit had been caught beneath the hook
Just link your eye with the ink
Behold! The master piece

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  1. Wao girl, you said it all Nigeria a great country endowed with natural and human resources only God knows where and how it all went wrong

    1. Oh I love this piece. Wonderful idea bringing the devastating side of the book in view of Nigeria, to surface.

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