Dialogue of the Soul With Nature

A very happy man was I on a spring day,
moving with a bask of inner joy.
Then noticed the agony of a lily on a hay,
Broken down within like a foil.

Hearing a voice from the lily speaking:
What could be thy love of nature,
That erupts the mind from torture?

Unto which the soul magnifies,
Thou is a food to me bless my soul from thee;
A long train of thought you are for me.

Sweeping me to the heart of you makes
The soul long more for it’s a breathe of life,
Gives thy soul a thread on which to strife.

Like a softened melody piano, I heard the lily speak;
Man appreciates not to thy love of me,
Truly you are on this you said but on a spree.

Thy taste of furnished probes thee to disdain,
Pricks we in our abode to suite thy self,
Aren’t we made on our own with our elf?

Giving out the ambience of love to man,
Saveth man from distress tru’ thy shade
o’er the sparse greasy grass, never fade.

Then I spake unto the voice of the Lily;
Man’s worth thy worth hart no line between,
Bring me thy love to my bosom to win.

For shall we stay in our cottage of silence,
hitherto thy’st shade lie over the land of man?
Our might lie on thy primrose like a swan.

Thy’st shade of green rainbow of love,
We like that on the transcending of the soul
immortality, therein we shall extoll.

For I to live is to adore thy amour,
Death is to live and to live is to exalt thee,
To exalt thee tru’ thy love for like a fee.

Therein hearing the voice of the lily
Like a long thick rain from the mountains,
Endowing me with an aurora fountain.

A green panther I am, said thee
For all green to green fades in summer,
But thou’st fill in the vacuum of a bummer.

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