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The Beating of the Drum

The deafening beats of the drums have sounded
the howls of the wolf,
and the squeaking of the mice, resounded.

Awaking the world from its daydream,
to the harsh reality of life.
Death preying on souls without any regard,
makes one sleep with minds on guard.

The drums are being beaten in a haste;
each stroke igniting a warning—a life is at stake.
Humans, daily, decay to waste.
And fear has now become a companion and mate,
while the living await their unknown fate.

Tomorrow, no one knows.
The way we live or which way it goes.
Living a battle, one that is make-or- break.

Sorrows piling up to the brim,
soon, it’ll be a harvest of tears.
If we fail to slow down the beating of the drum…

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