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Hibernating in a world of nature green
Awakened by the chirping of birds on a play of hide and seek
Constantly gazing as the leaves shiver at the drip of the dew
Steady smiling at this grave monotonous hue
My blood, a swift drink for the flea.

I speak the dialect of the jungle
Wining and dining on mammals, I grumble
With my conscience I speak only as a friend
You will definitely take me for a lunatic, no offense
With usual euphoric motion I bask in without a scuffle.

Being the only being in my base
With an animal fur on my skin and long hair on my face
I’m less human with long claws, one you would call nails
I pounce and prance, this is no trance to frail
All in all, a figure you wouldn’t want to grace.

Inhabiting a hut made of straw
Seclusion seems so perfect with no flaw
Moon, my gleam for night, sun, my light for day
Manoeuvres made majorly with no haste
What a pity! I have no picture of this to draw.

Once upon a time of distress, when invasion came in sight
All animals took to flight leaving me to fright
My abode lynched and I was left to wander
In the four corners of the bush, I often wonder
How I’m orphaned and deserted with a plight.

Taciturnity engulfs my mind and soul
I drown in reticence with no friend or foe
I’m waived by humans and even ghosts
But while in my isolation I gloat
Shut out from the world, I display my animalist growl.

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