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Forever HOPE-less

Dear Hope,
I write to you this day
With the certainty that this verse
Will never greet your presence.
Sometime ago I used to sit alone
On a bench made for two—
I would picture you and I together
But it never happened.
I would visit social walls endlessly just to check on you
But doing that gave me more puzzles.
I would dream of you forever
Yet life wouldn’t put me beside you in reality,
I guess it was not meant to come to pass
Because the more I waited the farther you went.
I could call your name every damn minute
But you’ll never hear me.
I could ask a million and one questions,
But I’ll never get the answers I
Or perhaps not a befitting one to console my pain.
I could write a hundred poems,
But you would still never
Daily as I live and often as I breath
I still hope for such a world that has you in it
Even though this book seems not to have a happy ever after.
I am sired to you and tied to my HOPE-less love.

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