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The Gambler

He laid down his cards of kings and queens,
Giving me an ultimatum.
If I decide to choose, I get to accept what he is,
If no, I get to walk away.

But I already knew what he was, he was a gambler of hearts.
He only manipulated
women for his selfish gains.
He doesn’t have a heart to love
and he makes it clear to his prey
from the onset.

When I first spotted him, he was hurt,
he had a knife in his stomach on the verge of death, and I rescued him.

He caught me off guard
with his little pranks and sweet character.
My heart having a mind on its own,
fell in love without consulting me.
It didn’t take long and I was in his soup.
He has schemed his way into my life.

He then revealed his true identity and I cannot choose.
My heart is silent and I don’t know what to do.

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