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I envy LucyAnne because, you see, she is LucyAnne. She is all shades of awesome. I know she is not perfect—I have not yet found someone who is—but she is very close to being perfect.

When Amanda’s boyfriend, Chikamnel, broke up with her, I was the one present to console her. I hugged her and volunteered to cook for her and even almost cried with her. But all these were ineffective. Until LucyAnne came. She came into the room with all of her that I resented (like she could actually drop some of her before showing up).

When Amanda told her why she was crying LucyAnne stepped back, away from the bed, dramatically.

“What?” she said. “How could he?”

We both stared at her from our position on the bed. Waiting. As if for an actor to enact her best performance.

“Seriously, how could he?” she asked earnestly like she really wanted an answer. “Amanda is great. I mean, if I were a guy I’d date her.”

We both burst out laughing. LucyAnne joined us too and I watched Amanda wipe her tears for the first time that evening. I had been the one doing that for her.

It was as if LucyAnne just had to snap a finger to get what I had been snapping all my fingers and toes to get.

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