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“For Your Eyes Only” — A Poem by Prince Will 👁️

Dear Rejoice;

I plead that you open your mind,
For in here are answers you’ll find;
I’ll tell you the story of your father,
Not of the man you now call ‘father.’

I spent my early days on the street,
Doing dirty works to make ends meet;
I was no angel, had many a flaw,
I did what I could to escape the law.

Whether my parents lived, I never knew,
Nobody felt what I was passing through;
I had to set my own goals in the hood,
It didn’t matter if they were bad or good.

I roamed the road, north and south,
Living a life from hand to mouth;
Once I met a girl by the pole,
And I must say, I lost control.

I was barely nineteen years old
When you were born, my little gold;
That was indeed my best mistake,
For you gave me a reason not to break.

Your mother didn’t survive your birth,
At sixteen years, she left the earth;
You must know that it was her choice,
She chose to keep you, our little Rejoice.

But then the law caught up with me,
We had to part when you were three;
I begged a friend to take care of you,
To keep my story away from you.

I’m in prison writing this now,
Even as death calls, I’ll make you a vow;
To love you on earth and beyond,
For our hearts still share a bond.

I’d be years dead by the time you get this letter,
Promise me baby girl, that you’d be better;
I hope you find a man with great visions,
Be strong to make your own decisions.

There’s still so much I wish to say,
Here’s a photo of me from today;
Remember me in this letter when you’re lonely,
It’s yours, I wrote it for your eyes only.

Stay happy… Live long.
Daddy loves you.

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