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My Best Friend

I met Ada yesterday. She was my best friend. I was really happy to see her. After our secondary education, we lost touch of each other. We went to a nearby restaurant to catch up on our life journey so far. Occasionally she would drop this line, “You’re lucky.” I didn’t take notice of it at first. She said it the third time and I didn’t find it comfortable.

“Ada, how has everything been for you? How’s your mother?” I asked.

She didn’t answer. She just looked at me and smiled. I didn’t grab the expression. I was about asking again when she immediately stood up to get food for us. I let it be. Maybe she didn’t want to talk about it yet.

I suggested we go to her house to discuss better since her house was nearby. She gladly accepted. We were just at the entrance of their compound when she halted immediately.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes. Just go inside. I will join you later. Let me get a bag of water from that store,” she said.

I entered to meet her mother. She was sitting at the verandah. “Good afternoon ma,” I greeted. She was surprised to see me.

“Nne, kedu? It’s been long. How is everyone at home?” she asked.

“Everyone is fine. I saw Ada on my way out today. I decided to follow her to the house. We have a lot to talk about,” I said excitedly.

The woman stood up immediately. “What did you say? You saw who? Ada my daughter?”

I was surprised at her action and the question.

“Yes ma. She’s coming. She went to buy a bag of water from that store there,” I said, suddenly scared.

She just looked at me like a mad person. She went inside and brought Ada’s burial picture. I was dumbfounded. Ada is dead?

“Please. It is not my daughter you saw. Ada died six years ago. After her secondary education.” She literally pushed me out of her house. She thought I was playing a joke on her.

11:00PM, in the stillness of my room. The knock came. Light and gentle.

“Who is that?” I asked.

“It’s me, Ada.”

I backed into the wall, petrified and scared. It was too surreal to be real.

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