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“Can I Trust You?” — A Love Poem by Christiana Jayeoba

Roses are red
Violets are blue
It takes two to tango
Can I trust you?

I am the lone lily swaying in the breeze of the valley
I shake the foundations of the earth when I open my mouth to speak
I am the colourful display of colours on the fabric of your adire
I walk and move with a sensual rhythm familiar only to the earth.

You are the lone ranger battered by the mountain winds
Your flesh, a feverish hotness as your blood hums continually
Your scars, a badge of your battles fought
Your strength, a buffet for us against the elements.

We are two souls being entwined in the spirit
Our home is the earth, the sky our roof
Our melody is in our song, the song the birds chirp
We are two primal beings perched on the edge of civilization

Unbending, unyielding
We are the children of the soil
Our love sewn into every green leaf and trunks of the forests
We are love, we are earth, we are life.

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