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Like a dream, we were dragged back home
To hide like an insect in a hole
But disappointed when we found out we had no hope

Schools and shops closed, and left empty
Markets and mosques abandoned, all dirty
Leaving our dreams just to be healthy
Yet nothing in our pockets, none to pity

Yet we all stay put as we drown in misery
In the news, we hear updates on the story
So scared, on our knees, we call on Mary
To give us insight so that we don’t become history

In the bid to survive, new ideas spring up
Writers having more lines to write up
Creatives connecting dots as new ideas pop up
I enjoy songs as their new lyrics tune up

Scientists resolve to research
Biochemists mixing herbs in the search
Yet it looks as if the world will crash
But soon God took charge

My brain began to riddle, and my hands put to test
Free from peers, I took time to do my best
Time became an investment
In no short time, family became a memory blast

Isolation brought elation in frustration
Isolation brought unity in separation
Isolation birthed fusion in confusion
Isolation birthed relaxation in tension

It was rather a blessing than a curse
As it increased our focus
We discover new vaccines for the curse
And prepare for the worse

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