When Love Speaks

When love speaks
everyone listens;
the loveless stare in awe
and pride is subdued.

The voice of love
bears the tone of gladness
enshrined in hearts that love
and still loves …

When love speaks,
beauty spreads
and engulfs everything
touched by its hues …

The sound of love
echoes a million bliss
and the urge to kiss
with lips never to miss …

The love of two hearts
is louder than sonorous thunder
with decibels that can
crack the mountain of hate …

Love culminating into nuptials
comes with rhythms and vibes
that surpasses any music
and makes the heart to swell.

And love will finally say
“Yes I do,” repelling every annoying flea
that breeds lust instead of love.
For the voice of love
brings order.

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