Dangerous Blood & Relatives

They watch you day and night, praying you will never succeed to reach their heights.
They snatch the truth from your tongue while sleeping and inform the good people you have with lots of lies.
As if that wasn’t enough.

They fight with you in their mind whenever you’re smiling because they want to see the pretty face diminishing.
They laugh, laugh and laugh at your back when they listen to your future plans, thinking you will always be that tattered flag falling.
As if that wasn’t enough.

They inject you with negative advice different from their own modus operandi, without awakening you with quotes of Mahatma Gandhi.
They never call you to know how you feel but bark at you like a dog when you don’t checkmate their kingdom.
As if that wasn’t enough.

They love to see you fall down like fragments of mirrors when in danger, never with an intention to raise you up.
They are like night walkers when you gain popularity and money heist tapping machines when they smell wealth from your pockets.
As if that wasn’t enough.

They are irrevocable with matters attaining to your success, for they rather see you in prison or dead than to be on Aljazeera News.
But they forgot that God plan is the best, for your downfall will never trend on YouTube or BBC News.

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