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Great Wall of Tomorrow

Angelic eyes and innocent hearts,
Dazzling smiles of futuristic hopes,
Filled with abound happiness and zero hatred.
Great wall of the future,
Cemented with sturdy bricks of aspiring dreams.

I am the being the old was once like.
I laugh with the sorrow face of my mother.
I giggle with the pain of my workaholic father.
I play with the wrinkle face of my stubborn sister.
‘Cause all that make my uniqueness.

I am a seed you’ll sow,
Plant in me what you’ll show.
Fertilize me with what you’ll never regret.
Water me till I’m the green you want.
Protect my day within the safe of your sight.

Don’t bury the dream of my bigger world,
Like the children killed in 1967 Nigerian Civil War.
Nourish my future with a fufilling taste of life,
Unlike the children tasting the marital life at ten.
I have a tomorrow too like you have yours now.

Love me with all you have,
Train me like you train the leaders of today,
Light my darkness of life with unflickered light,
Lead me with loving and tender heart,
Teach me with patience of good I may be.

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