Inked World

There’s something special
That beats like an endless glow
In the soft smooth touches
Of the flipping pages

Something glows within
With every new book
A new world is born
A memento of something beautiful

Like magnets, its draws are strong
It draws
From the young to the old
Limitless it seems to be
Never truly tired

There’s something about books
Old and new alike
That binds to the soul
Finds a way to heal
The scars that dwell in the edges within

They called them wisdom guides
‘Cause they truly teach
They say it’s the best therapy
‘Cause somehow it got a way
To walk into the unwanted crevices
To explore the hidden pains
The one that nobody sees

They call them a best friend
‘Cause somehow they know how to draw
Listen and feel the scars covered away

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