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Beautiful Soul

Beautiful soul;
the emerald of passion;
the dolphin of affection;
an adorable cedar;
the pavilion of Eger.

Beautiful soul;
emblazoned in love,
you are sapphire in the brook of Zelpher;
a limpid from Euphrates;
encryption of a perfect soul;
You are beautiful.

Beautiful soul;
your inward beauty can be compared to none;
kings radiate with the beam from your eyes,
queens are connected to your unfading glory;
and hearts fecundate from the beauty of your soul.

Beautiful soul,
With an almond golden look;
and diamond beholden not forsook.
Like a Baltic salmon, you are a rare breed.
Like an Arctic lemon, you are the true breed.
I’m short of words to describe your beauty.
You are just a beautiful soul.

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