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To the Happy Souls

To all the happy souls out there,
Who life has been to them, fair;
Who happen to get what they ask for,
And have never been broken before.

There’s a man on the street,
Who’s struggling just to eat;
He’s there when you drive by,
And you turn away your eye.

There’s a boy stealing to survive,
You see him, yet away you drive,
Wearing the robe of agony,
From a home of disharmony.

There’s an innocent girl in jail,
With no one to tell her tale;
By life she’s been cast away,
Weeping every night and day.

Have you ever been broken down,
And it feels like you’re going to drown?
You have no one to run to,
And you feel your time is due?

Has life ever made you cry
So hard that you look to the sky,
But you have no voice to pray,
For the heavens seem too far away?

Have you ever been genuinely sad,
Not that you lost something you had,
But that you have nothing at all,
And you hit your head on the wall?

To all the happy souls out there,
Someone needs your care.

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