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A Woman

I know a woman’s heart is fragile. But do not use this as a device to weigh her down.

If she loves you, she does for real. But do know:

—She’s not your enemy in martial art combat, but a woman who needs your listening ears.

—She’s not the antagonist that caused your tragic flaw in the story being scribbled by you, but a woman who wishes to be a legend in your autobiography.

—She’s not a punching bag. She’s not a training ground to exhibit your boxing styles. She’s a woman who needs a loving palm.

—She’s not the causal agent of your ill-fortune. She’s a woman who deserves respect. She needs a shoulder to lie upon.

—She’s not a SHE-GOAT, you need not shout on her like a lion. She’s a woman who needs you to speak calmly as though reading a beautiful poetry into her ears.

—She needs you to carry her in your palm like an egg.

—She needs you to look unto her like a coruscating star. She needs your caring.

—She wants to see you hear her out, even if what she wants to say is irrelevant.

—She wants a smile like a rising sun. She wants laughter like a loudspeaker, not you posing like Abacha.

—She needs understanding, give it to her.

—She needs you as a perfection, do cuddle her like a baby.

—She wants you to inculcate the habit of bravery into her merely for you both to fight the stormy seas of life.

—She is a woman, not Jezebel nor Delilah. But she’s Deborah who wants you to sail through to the seacoast; the Esther who always wants you to be a Crown; the Ruth who is always ready to sacrifice her last breath in the wilderness.

—And if she hates, she does for real.

But you woman, know well that respect is convertible. Respect the opposite gender to be free from guiltiness of mind.

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