Man of My Dreams

I could tell it was a deep sleep,
from the look of things
My shirt moistened with sweat,
and my eyes were baggy and all red,
My heart kept on pounding,
the heartbeat was unusual,
sounded like pants from a race

With my eyes wide, I glanced around the room,
nothing caught my gaze, the light was out,
my trembling hands scampered through the rough bed,
longing to find a lamplight,
I rashly grabbed the lamp,
and now, light overcame the darkness

To my utmost surprise,
my eyes managed to deceive me in brightness,
the only thing I saw was the man of my dreams,
Standing in front of me like a gold sculpture waiting to be embraced while depriving one second of breath

The one whom I never thought could be real or even be in front of me,
It was too real for me to believe,
so I went back to sleep,
that’s the only safe place,
to acknowledge him.
In my dreams.

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