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Who Fears You Death?

Oh, you ugly death,
you think that you are strongest,
moving round taking those
who hate your character
and your ugly face.
You think that you are the mightiest.

Oh, you death,
you are not strong,
weakness weakness all round you,
people avoid you
because of your ugly face,
because of your wicked character.

Oh, death, death
Why do you force those
who hate you to love you?
Why do you run away
from those who love your ugly face
and those who desire your character?

We are the strongest
for we desire you,
but you run far far away
for you are afraid of the virtuous
because you know that a
better life awaits them

Oh, you wicked death,
you only go to the virtuous
when you see that he has gone against the law,
only for you to show his weakness.
Oh death you are the weak,
the virtuous are the strongest

The virtuous love you
but you fear them
you go around threatening
those who hate you.

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