Poverty Slaps

Poverty washed and cleansed me,
Hung me up to dry,
Ironed me on a stand,
Folded me and locked me in a briefcase.

Poverty pushed me away,
In the home of affrighting creatures,
In the deep sea, never to be classy again,
Swallowing my vainglory.

Poverty satirized on me,
Like no tomorrow and trials,
Never giving me a chance,
Use of force, might raise me to grace.

Poverty made me stalwart,
Unleashing the true me,
Working hard, in every Tom and Dicky I did
Fell and rose, never falling again.

Poverty, nothing but abashment,
Poverty, nothing but a stuck disease,
Poverty, nothing but nagging,
Poverty, I’m tired for I don’t belong to you.

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