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Eye Contact

Last week Sunday, I woke up very early as usual. I did my devotion, fixed the house chores, and of course breakfast. I had already prepared the cloth I was going to wear the previous day. So there was no need for me to bother about it that moment .

By 8:30 in the morning, I was already looking so pretty. I checked the mirror and pictured what people would see when they look at me. I wore a patterned pencil skirt with a plain shirt. Of course I tucked in and I had my wine-coloured heels on. Well I never forgot to put my eye glasses on too. And off I went to church!

Sundays are just so special to me. You know, there is always enough time to pray, I get to see my friends, I listen to beautiful soul lifting songs, the word of God being interpreted in a new way that would catch your attention and the likes. But there is one other thing on Sundays that makes my heart beat so fast and gives me goosebumps. This handsome and cute dude in the choir.

Truth be told, I’m so crushing on him, but unfortunately the probability that he’d know me is zero. I am always this easy going girl. I pack my stuff and leave the church immediately after my prayers.

I had bumped into him sometime like that in church, but he wasn’t even looking my way. So I thought this crush of a thing will just fade till I got rid of it (little did I know). It is more than a year now and the feelings are still intact.

Femi is handsome and so cute. He’s tall and dark with an almost pointed nose. His voice is so awesome that anytime he sings in church, I hardly listen to the lyrics of the song. I just get carried away with his sonorous voice.

If I knew we were going to talk that day (last week Sunday), I would have put on the best of my clothes.

I was already saying a thank you to God for making me to put on a casual dress because that dressing for me was casual.

I guess he had a place to go to after church service last week, because by the time I stood up to go home, I furtively searched for him but I couldn’t find him in his usual spot. So I concluded he had left.

I left the church telling myself another Sunday had gone without getting to talk with my crush.

I got home, took off my shoes and relaxed. Few minutes later, I took my bag and wanted to write down what dropped on my mind when I saw a neatly cut sheet different from what I took from home that morning in my bag. It was wrapped with a blank paper. I took the paper and unwrapped, it was a letter all written in golden ink!

“Dear Adeola,
I am so glad to finally write you. This has been on my mind for some months now but I was fixed up with some stuff.

Hey, do you mind lunch this Wednesday? Send your reply through a text or you can place a call too. My number here: 081xxxxxxx. I would really love to see you, Adeola. I’m looking forward to receiving a positive response from you dear. Do have a nice time.


You won’t believe this guy actually knows me! Geez! I was only oblivious to that fact. I asked my self why he wanted to see me. I was so so happy though. Finally, I would get to meet Femi. I took my phone and wanted to send a text that I’d be available, but something told me not to look at cheap; you can reply tomorrow or Tuesday. I said that’s fine. I placed the letter on my chest glanced at it again with an almost teary eyes and kissed it.

I had practiced how he might probably ask me out and how I would tell him to give me more time to pray and think about it.

I put on my best dress that Wednesday. He gave me the detail of the place we would be meeting. It was a known place so I did not have problem getting the direction or locating the place.

I could see him from afar. He wore a straight chinos trousers, with a white turtle neck shirt and a blazer to fit.
I got to where he was sitting, gave a deep smile and I greeted him politely, trying to avoid eye contact. When I finally summoned courage to look into his eyes, what I saw! His look was so soft, tender and sweet. His keen eyes were looking directly into mine. I couldn’t withstand the gaze, so I dropped my face and focused on something else.


After some petty talks and gifts, Femi decided to tell me the reason he had asked me on a date.

“Adeola, it’s so good to finally see your pretty face (I blushed at that). So to the reason why I called to see you. You see, the things is that my organization needs a very competent person in writing. We seriously need a content writer that can create stories, make publications, journals, publicity, advertisement and the likes for us. I don’t know if you’d want to work with us. The salary is 100 thousand for a start. We’d sponsor your remaining years in school too.

Lesson from the story: Never you assume what the talk will be on a first date. Especially when you haven’t gotten to talk with the person before. Imagine what would happen to the Adeola in the story after hearing the bomb shell.

This story is fiction.

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