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My Quarantine Lover

Shey, I told you say you’re my quarantine lover?
We go dey make love all day without rubber
Make I service your underneath like a plumber
For your case, I go take bomb from jet bomber
See the way you dangerously shake that waist like a black mamba.

During this lockdown, you’re my rose
The sweet scents you emit when we make love
The vanilla in your navel that I can’t stop devouring
في هذا الوقت لا احتاج اي شي
اذا انت معي، فليس لدي مشكلة
لسني سايسفر فوق جسمك
But this thing go end if the lockdown is over
You know say we are all bored so I no go take carry over
Abeg, if you see me for street make you pretend
This thing has never been a real intent.

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