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The Black Child

I am the black child.

My future is in slices as I hop between hopes of fulfilling my wild dreams.

I live in the midst of blacks whose minds are blank and have nothing to hold in the future,

The tomorrow comes, finds them empty and pours emptiness on them to overflowing.

I am the black child,
Who is never loved by the white folk,
They treat me as though I were a disease,
They chose things worthless over me,
But I am the black child,
Who sees tomorrow in my tomorrow,
Who skips life’s goodies to be opportune,
A scholarship to Kuwait won’t do less,
Education is expensive.

I am the black child,
Regardless of hardship,
I enroll in the school,
They teach me vulgar languages which differs from the 250+ languages in my mother tongue,
Lingua Niger was not adopted,
The language is used in the diurnal activities,
Unless I yield, my future is in shreds and,
Tomorrow’s doors are closed on me.
I am the black child.

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