Police Brutality

You are granted the legal authority
for law enforcement and maintaining
public order
All in the name of your uniform;
You chose to brutalise the nation
by taking innocent souls.

Thou kill pregnant women,
Saying it is under the colour of law.
You didn’t pity the unborn kids;
You kill the future of a nation.
You brutalise the great leaders of tomorrow.

Thou take justice into your hands,
Saying courts or judges are too lenient on criminals.
You take the nation’s saver’s life without looking into the future.

Let’s work together and join hands together,
to fight against the police brutality.
Enough of the BRUTALISATION!
Enough of the killings of the INNOCENT SOULS!
Say NO to the brutalisation of the future LEADERS!.

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  1. well said Opzyzanny,i hope and pray this piece gets to those in concern.

    Keep the good work. #ActivistOfOutTime

  2. Great words from a great mind. It depicts what’s actually going on in our society. Enough of all these killings. Thumps up sis

  3. wow… 😍 this is practically what we are facing in this country…. I really appreciate your effort sister Zaynab….more ink to your pen!💪

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