South Africans Wake Up

Why do they hate us (Nigerians)?
Is it our fault that we are blessed beyond imagination?
Is it our fault that we went to look for a greener pasture?
Is it our fault that everything we put our hands in works out for us?
Is it our fault that everything we do both good and bad favours us?
Just answer me South Africans, how is it our fault?
Why the hate?
Why the jealousy?
We are hard working, why not try to be?
We aren’t lazy at all, why not emulate us?
What have we done that is unforgiveable?
Are we the only ones that owe much percentage of your economy?
Have you forgotten so soon how our dear country helped you?
Why are you all been wicked?
This is broad daylight wickedness
What about the others, the Americans, the Europeans, what about the others that are called whites?
Is this how Africa is supposed to grow?
Is this how Africa can become the best? I doubt.
Africa is our continent
Africa is supposed to be a loving continent
Africans are supposed to love and cherish each other
We are not meant to kill ourselves
Wake up Africans who are in the south and call themselves South Africans
Don’t you see what you are doing to yourself?
You are also destroying your country
The more people you kill, the more blood is upon your country
The more you burn people alive, the more your economy is set ablaze
This is not xenophobia as you claim, because it’s not done justly
Since you all decided to claim it’s fear of foreigners let me ask you all, are the whites your citizens?
Why don’t you kill and burn them too,since you said it’s xenophobia.
Oh! I see, you underestimate the power of other African countries that let you butcher them
South Africans wake up
Have you forgotten your history?
We are not the cause of your frustrations
Why are you putting it on us?
Have you forgotten so soon how your children, fathers, mothers, wives, husbands cried?
I guess you have forgotten your history and that is very bad to start with.
Why don’t you see us as your brothers?
Why are you seeing the whites as your brothers?
You all are from Africa
The dream of being a white will never be possible
It’s a truth you have to accept
You fear the whites and do not harm them and you kill your fellow Africans because you think or feel they are helpless
Have you forgotten your great leaders?
Do you think they will be happy with what you are doing now?
South Africans stop this killing for it is very unfair
Xenophobia can’t be your problem
Stop being lazy and emulate the good people
Stop this killing for it is inhuman

I am among the team, #Saynotoxenophobia#

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