Precolonial Era

Tracing our history back to the good old days
The prehistoric settlers of about 1100BC had their ways, they made the sun shine between the haze

Many ancient African civilizations settled in the region now called Nigeria, a region whose name is obtained from ‘Niger area’
Inclusive were the Kingdom of Nri, the Benin Empire and the Oyo Empire, forming a nation with a great religious desire that burned like flames of fire

Islam, from Borno to the Hausas, did sublime
Christianity, from Portuguese Augustinian and Copuchin monks came in no time. The Sanghai empire occupying part of the regions at the time was no crime.

In 1851, by British forces, Lagos was invaded
And in 1865, the city-state was annexed, hence upgraded in 1901, a British protectorate Nigeria became.
Until 1960 when independence came And brought an end to the colonial game

Nigeria’s independence was printed on the page, becoming like a bird set free from a cage
In 1963, a republic Nigeria became
Till a bloody coup d’etat rendered it lame

In 1967, Republic of Biafra was formed by a separatist movement, Leading to a three-year period of war and torment
The republic had too short a time to tower
As the military, for four years, once again gained power

In 1993, a new republic was resolved
Which, by General Sani Abacha, was later dissolved. It’d have been a republic born anew
A republic that’d be true
A new taste out of the jar and fresh
A freshly fallen fruit that’d serve to refresh.

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