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Everyone seeks to hurt me
I can see it in their eyes
They may act like they love me
But I know they feel otherwise.

Spare me the sermon about society
Being inviting won’t add more to my life
I’d rather converse in black and white
And make music my wife

Until my paranoia affects my love life
And I hurt her over and over
Then she hates me for being insecure
And she wants to walk out the door

Then I hate myself for hurting her
‘Cause I know I love her so …
I know I can’t afford to lose her
I can’t bear seeing her go

Then I conclude life’s a bumpy ride
And love has its pains
But being in love gives strength
Of course it has its gains

So I let people into my life
To break my wall of fear
Socialising little by little
Sharing happy moments with people

But I do not trust them still
Humans will definitely hurt you for sure
So I guess it’s okay being a little friendly
And a bit insecure …

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