Corrupted Motives

Words are sweet and easy to speak
Especially when all is but rosy;
When the world kneels and adores thy feet
How long will your speakings breathe deceit as life?

Everyday I look to thee
as you struggle to meet your needs
How you want to live big
Without seeking him that made them all.

Every blessed day I hear you pray—
Your requests, you try to garnish with words;
Sold out by the motives you try to hide;
All for a say and a reputation?

I nod my head in disappointment
As I search your heart…
All you want is to build an empire
To get your name in gold and not for my glorification.

For how long will you continue to listen to the flesh?
For how long will you continue to draw back?
Don’t you see you’re drowning?
Don’t you see you can’t do anything without me?

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