The Journey

They say I have the talent but I am scared,
I have fears on this path to fame,
What if no one gets to know my name?
What if they see my works as trash?
What if I am not strong enough for this journey?
What if I am not really good enough for this journey?
What if I don’t live to fulfil my dreams?
What if… why do I have a lot of what ifs?

Well it seems like life keeps playing me like a piano
But time would tell if I will conquer these fears
To be honest, all I want to do is run away from this pain and sorrow because it seems like it is only me in this life.

Seeing the road ahead, but the rain made it muddy,
A shady path which I want to make clear,
It’s like I am lost but I really want to find my way,
And I am not proud to say that it is hard to find a way.
Do I really have to wait for a sunny day to be able to walk the day?
Do I need a rainbow to give an assurance that the future is really bright?
Only time will tell if I will conquer this fear.

Here I stand, trying to gather more strength to overcome my fears.
I believe my hard work will pay some day.
And in the end I don’t need to be scared of this journey to fame because it is my choice to make if I will make it or let my fears overcome me.

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  1. Great write up ! Many are in fear of what will happen next but above all,we were wired to overcome & conquer our fears… Quitters don’t win & winners don’t back out,by standing tall & shoulder high to our fears we are at advantage because after pressure from fear comes pleasure over fear.

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