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You said I should write you a song,
But all I could write was a poem.
I had it at mind,
But I kept spiting rhymes.
Spiting rhymes for the kind,
For love, against hate and lies.
Tried to make it rhythmical but it kept flowing like a rap.
Now I’m drinking and smoking cigar,
Covered myself with sheets, thinking I can do it later.

Maybe you should hold on
I think if I take off the cap and air flows,
I won’t slack, won’t stop, won’t budge.
For life I swear, I can give you a song,
If you hold onto me with your trust
My day was hectic and your shouting is uncalled for
Stop questioning, stop doubting every action, every call.

Just pay attention to my flows
And know you are my goal
We’ll beat every of their expectations
‘Cause you’re the mystery I’d love to unfold
We’ll secure together if you believe you are my own
Forever, me and you, my special one
If only you can trust and hold on.

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