“Love Don’t Live Here” — A Poem by Ayomide Inufin D’great

I bought her flowers and a dress,
On my way to nowhere looking for her address,
I heard she lives somewhere around this sphere,
I’m so sorry, sage! Love don’t live here.

Fake emotions, fake feelings, fake smiles,
Here are what I found after a million miles,
Backbite! Backstab! Backset! Back and forth,
The fight for love is just unjust—now look how broken they got.

I’ve got what you need,
I keep so much to me cos selfishness isn’t guilty of greed,
They cry for help, they get hanky for panky,
They say love is magical, I heard love is sorcery.

When a hot candle starts to wax cold,
A journey of two jollies becomes a lonely road,
This dying world suffers undying love,
Like days of drought that showers refused to fall from above.

Oh true love on high!
A sweet act of kill me and let me die,
A piece of war that occupies the space of time,
So how do you show some love when they don’t show you a sign?

Close your eyes, open your mind, find charity,
The real fraternity is the unity of humanity,
The breeze of peace brings bliss; let love live amidst us,
For there’s no greater blessing than this curse.

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