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Darkest Soul

I am the mind that’s so dark, filled with devilish thoughts,
questioning each dance of the wind, the flash of the sun and the light of the moon,
If my whole existence was embodied in a body I can’t even call mine,
when “I” and me” are nothing but a mind and soul,
I’m told to obey laws and rules,
breaking any of them would invite wrath and punishment to my soul and mind,
my body would be use as a firewood in the deepest part of hell,
burning side by side with Devil.

The thought of me not been the master of my body and the captain of my soul makes me sin,
What’s the essence of my whole existence if I wouldn’t have a say?
Millions of years, I followed your rules and laws,
but for one time I sin, I burn in hell!
I call upon darkness to consume all of me,
I would dance to every beat of sin,
get drunk with liquor, dine and wine,
sleep all day and wake up fine,
because this moment I’m not longer in your line,
tell the Devil to sit and learn,
finally I know that I’m mine.

But I wish this is just a bad dream,
who am I?
A slave to his master,
with an aim to make it in the eternal life
I am made of bones, blood and flesh
what do you expect from a human other than to err.

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