July 7, 2020 Ruth A. Ikonne 0

His eyes scanned me through, A smirk obviously displayed on his face, To him I was just another prey on lace, Rough hands pummeled me like dough. Agonizing screams escaped [Read more… ]


July 6, 2020 Sam Petros 0

With our faces strong as stones You think our hearts are twins With our shoes hard as rock You think our souls are steel But your holy self Dares not [Read more… ]

Tough Love

July 4, 2020 CosmicJR 0

They believe you have a problem That only the whip can solve. They hit you till you’re solemn, They say it’s out of love. Your tears rain down in torrents [Read more… ]

The Bait

July 4, 2020 Valz 0

With hook and crook Caught in distress of emotions Caught in the web of pains Like a tunac struggling to be free From the sharp end of the hook Stuck [Read more… ]


June 29, 2020 Chikamso Okoye 0

Mama warned: “Please don’t go to war,” Sister cried: “Why fight another man’s battle?” But he left through the backdoor for war He sneaked out to fight his country’s battle. [Read more… ]

Ije Love

June 29, 2020 Oliver Michael 0

It’s with a broken heart that I write about us Sitting under our favourite ukwu ụdara thinking about us The same ukwu ụdara that we carved our names on Saying [Read more… ]


June 28, 2020 Kingsleythepoet 0

Irokos fall Fools stumble Like a waterfall With a short-lived bubble Before a child can stand tall He must fall With tiny knees ready to crawl Till the get sore [Read more… ]