Before the Silver Cord is Loosened

Before the silver cord is loosened
The golden bowl broken
The pitcher shattered at the fountain
The wheel’s broken at the well
Dawn turned to dusk
Bird’s chirps fade into the morning
The glory of the black hair becomes grey
Four-legged toddler standing on two
Two becomes three and one bloodless
The virgin embraced the flow of red fluid
The glory of the sun captured by the subtility of the moon
Hazel eyes grows blurry
Before strength’s relieved by weakness
Ode becomes dirge
The nursed becomes the fender
the city of songs becomes desolation
the walkway becomes a byword
the falcon becomes the hunted
The ground that bears your burden becomes the grave sealing your carcass
The eater becomes a relishing meal
The new chapter becomes a tale
The new moon becomes a superstition
The good early days becomes a reflection
The sleeping beauty becomes a waking dead
Remember your creator now in the days of your youth before the difficult days come and the Years draws near when you say I have no pleasure in them.

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